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Now I enjoy Bats as much as anyone when he is written like a human who is at the peak of his game but then we have the Batgod nonsense when some writers make everyone dumber, slower and forget what they can do to make him seem cooler.

So I stumble on this, one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.

The Flash? Seriously? He avoided the Flash who could move so fast he can phase and time/dimension travel? Flash could run around the world a dozen times before Bats could move. Not to mention J’onn who could fry his brain in seconds with a thought. Then there is Diana. Yeah, who cares she has speed from the Gods. What’s that, eh? Just a minor detail like her super strength and durability.

How in God’s name did his fist and leg not shatter on contact?

I can’t even…

Bats, we respect the heck out of you but seriously never could happen. In any verse…except maybe bad fan fic.

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Transistor Now in Fully Playable Internal Alpha

Written by Elliott Finn

Bastion creator Supergiant Games have given an update on where Transistor is in the development cycle, confirming that it’s still on schedule for a 2014 release window. In a holiday-themed update, writer and creative director Greg Kasavin took a brief look back on 2013 and the progress that Supergiant have made on their new title.

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